Steiner’s Speakeasy Selection of Craft Beer

We have a rotating selection of six craft beers on tap, plus an large selection of local, domestic and imported brews. Not sure what you’re looking for? Stop in and our expert bartenders can help you choose the beer that’s right for you!

A selection of the beer we carry in bottles and cans:

Lagers, Pilsners, Golden Ales
Rhinegeist Cheetah (OHIO)
Royal Docks Marla, You Big Tourist (OHIO)
Odd Side Laughing Clown Malt Liquor
Portsmouth Bernie (OHIO)
Brew Dog Lost Lager
Land Grant Urban Sombrero (OHIO)
Epic Los Locos
Market Garden Nano (OHIO)
Rhinegeist Kalmer (OHIO)

Wheats, Wits, and Blondes
Odd Side Bean Flicker
Odd Side Bean Flicker with Hoof Hearted Coffee
Market Garden Shandy (OHIO)
Odd Side We Be Jammin
Around the Bend Rewind
Rhinegeist Hugh (OHIO)

Fruit Beers
Rhinegeist Wowie (OHIO)
Abita Strawberry Lager
21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon
Tafts Raspberry Lager

Amber Ale
Abita Amber
Brew Dog 5am Saint (OHIO)

Pale Ale
Ellison Dawn Street Pale
North High Pale Ale (OHIO)
Seventh Son Humulus Nimbus
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

India Pale Ale
Rhinegeist Truth (OHIO)
Founders All Day
Land Grant Stiff Arm (OHIO)
Brew Dog Albino Squid Assassin (OHIO)
21st Amendment Tasty IPA
Platform Shake Me Down (OHIO)
Land Grant Stiff Arm (OHIO)
Coronado Weekend Vibes
Hi Wire Hop Circus
Wyndridge Cloud Spotting
Melvin Your IPA
Ellison Crescent Fresh
Unita Clear Daze
Clown Shoes Bubble Farm
Tafts Citra IPA (OHIO)
North High Rise (OHIO)
Columbus Insane Wonderer Vol.4 (OHIO)
Homestead Galactic Heroes (OHIO)
Odd Side Stinger IPA
Odd Side Shady McNasty
Ale Smith Luped in
Melvin Chuck Morris DIPA

Hazy IPA
Brew Dog Hazy Jane (OHIO)
Odd Side Pineapple Dank Juice
Coronado Tail and Tooth
Bells Offical
Hi Wire Hazy, Juicy, Hoppy, Fresh
Odd Side Cat in the Wall

Fruit IPA
Brew Dog Elvis Juice (OHIO)
Knee Deep Man Juice
Nowhere in Particular Colada IPA
Wyndridge Pineapple Orange
Market Garden HellaMango (OHIO)
Flying Dog Tropical Bitch
New Holland Kombucha IPA

Brut IPA
Platform Mello Hello (OHIO)
Royal Dock Mimosaic IPA (OHIO)
Coronado Cosmic Ocean

Brown Ales and Porters
Seventh Son Stone Fort Brown (OHIO
Odd Side Nut Bandit
Odd Side Ocular Pat Down

Sweet Water Exodus Coffee Stout
Bells Cherry Stout
Odd Side Mayan Imperial Stout
Erie Brewing Skippers Coffee Stout
Columbus Melk Stout (OHIO)
Ellison Tiramisu Coffee Stout
Sam Smith Chocolate Stout
Seventh Son Salted Chocolate Stout (OHIO)
Saugatuck Neapolitan Milk Stout
Troegs Java Head Stout
Hi Wire 10w40 Salted Maple
Royal Docks Lovibond White Stout (OHIO)
Southern Tier Nitro S’more

Bourbon Barrel Aged
Dragon’s Milk Reserve with Raspberries and Hibiscus
Avery Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Bean Stout
Odd Side Hazels Nuts

Sour Beers
New Holland Apple Rhubarb Sour
Bells Fruit Fight
Nowhere in Particular Lemon Meringue Sour (OHIO)
Platform The Ghost Inside (OHIO)
Rhinegeist Nitro Cobbstopper
Southern Tier Mango Smash
Founders Green Zebra

Ace Apple
Ace Pineapple
Vandermill Totally Roasted
Rhinegeist Lil Bubs (OHIO)

Hard Sparkling Water
Truly Pineapple
Truly Mango
Truly Passion Fruit
Truly Pomegranate
Truly Blueberry
Truly Mixed Berry
Truly Black Cherry
Truly Raspberry
Truly Rose
Platform Black Cherry Seltzer (OHIO)